WatchOS 9.2 Beta 4 release and how to download it

Apple released a new beta version of its watch called WatchOS version 9.2 beta 4. You can check this build number 20S5357b  to confirm the update once it’s downloaded and installed. 

Majorly this update is focusing on bug fixes and overall improvement of any previous error.

The beta version is only available to some consumers, primarily developers or techy users. In general, when a user wants to try the latest software experience he opts for the beta version.

Beta versions are not well-optimised, so if you do not wanna mess with your watch then stay away from beta updates. Beta updates are not easily available to download. 


You have to perform certain steps to download it. You can read the below guide on how to download the beta os on your apple watch.

Downloading beta OS on your apple watch-

For Downloading beta Os versions on your apple watch. You can perform below steps-

  1. First, you have to make sure you are on the iOS 16 beta version of your iPhone.
  2. Then You can easily download the beta profile for your watch.
  3. Go to
  4. Scroll down and find watch OS 
  5. Click on downloads
  6. Enter your Apple ID if it asks then start downloading.
  7. Once the update is downloaded to your device.
  8. Authorize the profile by going into the settings >>> General >>> Profile.
  9. Restart your iPhone.

Before performing the above steps-

Verify that your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged and connected to a Wireless router. Open the Apple Watch app on your phone after installing the beta profile, go to General > Software Update > Download and Install, and then install the new software.

The watchOS 9.2 fourth beta update will now be downloaded and installed on your Apple Watch. And, once the installation is complete, your watch will restart. After that, you can start using your Apple Watch.

Update your apple watch OS using the iPhone-

To update your apple watch OS once the watch detects the beta update. 

The steps are pretty simple. On your, iPhone opens the watch app then go to general > Software update.  Click on download and install. Enter the passcode, agree to the terms and start installing. Once it’s done you can follow the remaining steps of installation on your watch interface. Once all is done your watch will again reboot and now ready for use.

Can I downgrade the beta update-

The straight answer is you can’t. Not by yourself at least. Only apple officials can help you in reverting back to the old OS. which is a long shot and not easy to pull off.


If you want to try beta OS you can try the above guide. On the you can find updates for other apple devices as well. So you can check them all out if you want to try all the latest beta updates. Do let me know what are your thoughts

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