Sony PS4 loud fan fix without opening 2022

Title: PS4 loud fan fix without opening


It’s been 9 years since PS4 was released. We had so much fun using this machine. The ps4 console has so many great titles like GTA5, Infamous second son and the new God of war Ragnarok is also coming in a few days.

The ps4 is keeping up with the current generation of games. But sooner or later it will be entirely replaced by ps5 until then we need to make the best out of it.

In general PS4 console is a sturdy device to have in the household. We use it as a media player, watch old Blu-ray movies, playing games on weekends.

Now coming to the problem of loud fans-

As we already know that it’s an old platform device for the current generation of gaming titles. Sometimes playing a really heavy AAA title force your system to overwork and keep up with the game. Making the device hot, and pushing the fan’s RPM to 100%. That’s why you hear loud fan noises.


If you dont know the specs. Here you go the specifications are below-

Ps4 has an 8-core AMD Jaguar processor coupled with a 1.84 TFLOPS processing AMD-based Graphics processor.

In the RAM department, ps4 come with 8GB GDDR5 ram.

Total power consummation is estimated to be 165watt.

Let’s check the steps for the PS4 loud fan fix without opening.

Some fixes I recommend to solve the loud fan’s noise problem-

1. Keep your PS4/PS5 console clean-

These are electronic devices and they require minimal cleaning from time to time. Even when they are not in use to maintain the life of the product. Small dirt particles are always in the air so keeping it clean will increase the health of your console.

ps4 fan cleaning

2. Check your device for any wear or tear-

Yes, check your device for any kind of unusual dent or any other issue which may be caused by any other external factors in the surrounding. Sometimes little insects, spiders or ants are blocking the air vents. Keep in check of those 🙂

3. Different climate conditions-

Keep in check the device conditions. If it’s too much rain in your area. Keep your device checked for humidity. Ps4 outer shell has a plastic body but its inside components are a mix of many other elements.

inside of ps4

4. Check the air vents for proper flow-

Ps4/Ps5 has air vents for proper heat dissipation. Check the air vents if they are blocked by any chance. If they are, then clean them with a blower.

5. Dont overuse it-

I know that I’m sounding like your parents. But yeah it’s true if your device is more than 4 years old. then playing games for more than 5 hours without any breaks in between. Is bad for your console health. It can make your ps4 console go so heated up that it results in loud fan noises.

6. Hot environment-

Playing on ps4 console in the summer heat in a hot room is bad.
Always try to play it at a room temperature of around 68° and 76°F.

Or play it with air conditioning ON, if it’s too much heat in summer. Else it will make your device exhaust fans go at full speed.

7. Put your device on a solid flat surface-

Never use your ps4 console on mats or sofas. Always use a table or desk for the proper placement of your console. Flat surfaces are great and cause no blockage to the air vents. Keeping a proper air flow to your device.

8. It’s time-

It’s time for cleaning the fans with a blower. Or changing the old exhaust fan with a new one. Maybe your old fan lost its cooling speed that’s why it is making loud noises.

Use all the steps discussed above and let me know if your console fans are still loud as a jet plane.

Other Asked Questions about PS4 console-

How do I turn down the noise on my ps4?

For turning down the noise of your ps4, you can try placing your ps4 on a table with proper airflow. You should also clean the air vents for assured airflow.

Can I clean my ps4 without compressed air?

Yes, definitely you can. You can use a blower or vacuum cleaner. I do not recommend a vacuum cleaner though. Vacuum cleaner tends to give static electricity which is bad for electric components. So a blower is the best choice you can go with.

Why is my PS4 fan running so loud?

Check the air vents first. Second, check if there is dust accumulation in the fan or air vents. If these two are not the cases. Then check the fan itself for any kind of wear or tear. Maybe your fan is broken or malfunctioning because of any other technical issue. In that case, you need to take it to the nearest service centre.


The ps4 is an electrical device like a pc and we have to take care of it from time to time. To make it operational for a longer time some parts need replacing. And delaying that can result in the loss of the device or data inside.

I hope my fixes work for you, let me know your experience down below in the comment section.

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