How to fix the red light on wifi router (9 methods)

Topic: How to fix the red light on wifi router

The simple answer to this problem is-Restart your router.

If the issue is still there then keep on reading.
The Internet has become an important part of our daily life. We can’t imagine our current life without the internet. With the help of the internet, we can do so many tasks with ease.
Like online shopping, paying utility bills, working from home and many other social activities.

In our homes, we have broadband or fibre connection. As people are calling it nowadays fast internet connection with Gbps speeds. Usually, the broadband or fibre comes with a modem and router.

Sometimes it can be a two-in-one device as well. so to figure that out You can check the cables. The slimmest yellow cable coming from your local cable connection or termination point is a fibre cable which is connected to the modem.

Now for a router, you can check if it has made the connection with the modem with the LAN/WAN cable or not. If you may wanna know

What a router is?

In simple language, a router is a network handler between your computer and the local ISP. A router helps you to manage all the network-related settings of your local ISP and maintain a safe connection with the internet. You can also protect your internet activity from Guests or people who are not authorised to access your personal internet connection.

wifi keeps disconnecting>>>
To discuss this further in detail let’s understand the types of routers-

How many types of routers are there?

There are mainly 5 types of popular types of routers presently.


As the name says wired. This type of router works with a wire connection only. For multiple connections, you have to attach a cable for every other single connection.


Wireless routers are the most common ones at the present time. They are affordable now and usually provide every kind of feature a house or small office requires.


Core routers are generally used by large companies or corporations at their core. When the workload of traffic is high then core routers are the ones to go for.


Virtual routers are application-based routers. Their activities are wholly dependent on the inputs provided by the dedicated application. There are some applications already available for free with some limited resources. You can check them out by simply google.


Edge routers are a kind of manager. They manage both kinds of traffic. Core traffic comes from core routers and other external networks both are managed by one and only Edge routers.

The blinking red light on the router The red light issue. For understanding that we have to first understand what other lights tell us about our router activity.

We are going to take the example of a wireless router to discuss this further. There are mainly 3 lights present on the router in the case of a wireless router.

Connection light-
Green Connection lights give an indication of a healthy connection to the internet.

Wifi light-
Wireless mode is turned on and green means it’s functional and whereas red means it’s not in use. Or having some trouble connecting to the internet.

WAN mode-
If a proper connection is made to the modem then it will be green and red if there is some issue.

We know the means of lights on the router now. So how to fix the red light on wifi router-

1. Check the cables-

If you are experiencing the red light issue on your router. THen first you have to check all the cables connecting with the router and modem and see if there are any loose ends.

ports on router

2. Access the internet-

Try to access the internet through the modem with a direct ethernet connection. If the internet is fine then definitely there is some issue with the router settings.

3. Reset router-

Reset or restore the settings of the router to fix the red light issue. Perform this method when your modem is functioning properly with an active internet connection.

4. Router settings-

Access your router with the root IP. You can find the IP on the back side of the router or on the official website of the brand router. Access the settings to check your connection id/pass.

5. Wireless Activity-

In router settings, you can check if the wireless settings are on or off. They may be off if you have recently performed a factory reset.

wifi modem with usb connectivity

6. Firmware update-

Try to update the firmware of the router. You can easily find the latest firmware of the particular router on its official site.
We sometimes tend to forget about it and we never update our routers. Which can give errors in some unusual situations.

7. Modem and router issue-

Your internet connection is working fine. But when you’re trying to connect the router to the modem it’s not working. Well, it can be due to the connection type. Choose the appropriate connection type in the router settings to connect.

8. Broken-

Maybe your router has stopped working. Routers are great and last for more than 5 years if you are lucky enough. Changing a router after every 3 years is recommended. But if its works then there is no need.

9. Call your Local ISP-

If the above tips did nothing for you then it’s time to call your local internet service provider. Tell them everything you tried then they will definitely give you a solution. If the router was provided by your isp itself. Then they will simply replace your router with the new one with some nominal charges.


At the end of this post, now you know mostly everything about routers and where to look for when there is any issue arises. Fixing the router problems are most of the time easy.

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