Which one is better Fire cube vs Fire Stick 4k specs (detail)

Fire cube vs Fire Stick 4k in detail- 

So many options: fire tv cube or fire stick 4k, but which one should we get?

We already have a plethora of streaming gadgets in 2022. As consumers are now becoming frustrated and looking for a smart entertainment streaming device that can do all the hard work while remaining lite on the budget. There’s still a possibility that the device you’re buying won’t work as intended or it isn’t worth your money.

Today we discuss the device from the popular brand Amazon the first one is the fire cube and another one is the fire stick 4K Max. Most of you have already known these devices but do you know which one is more capable than the other one and which one should you go for not only going by their names or the launching dates. we know that both the device is doing the same thing but some advantages are added to the Amazon fire cube. 

Reading this entire article will clear all your doubts about fire cube Vs Fire stick 4K.

Fire stick 4k– Let’s begin with firestick 4k. This smart portable streaming device is now capable to render 4k streaming. With this new addition to the firestick now enthusiastic consumers can use this device to its full potential. Firestick 4k also comes with more Ram which is 1.5GB, in older devices it’s 1GB. The internal storage remains the same at 8GB. 

Firestvstick 4k

Later after the success of firestick 4k, amazon last year in 2021 end also announced 4k max firestick which now supports even faster wifi connectivity. 4k max supports wifi 6 for fast bufferless streaming of 4k content. If we talk about the specification of firestick 4k max the device now comes with 2GB of Ram and Quad-core 1.8GHz MT8696 processor. The processor and GPU both got buffs. 

Now Amazon also released its cloud gaming service which is called Luna. Using Luna Cloud gaming, you can now play thousands of titles on your firestick using the app. The app is premium which means it requires a paid subscription to access all the features.

Fire Cube– If we discuss fire cube specifications. It’s way faster than firestick 4k and 4k max. Coz it comes with a Hexa core processor which can handle all the tasks very smoothly and fast. In real life, you won’t find such a difference but fire cube is a faster device all over.

The device also supports ethernet connectivity up to 100mbps max which is kind of a bummer. But with wifi, I guess you are still good on the speed part. Fire cube is still on the old wifi 5 generation and only 4k max comes with wifi 6. If speed is your top priority and you are already using wifi 6 compatible devices then you must go with 4k max and enjoy its full power.

 Is Amazon Fire TV cube better than firestick?

For a quick response, Yes, the Amazon Fire TV cube is superior to the Amazon Fire TV stick. If you compare the 4K capabilities of both devices, however, the Firestick falls far behind because it does not support 4K. It’s a different conversation if we include the Fire Stick 4K in the mix. The Amazon Fire Cube is not simply a streaming device, but also a hands-free entertainment system, according to Amazon.

amazon fire cube

Amazon fire cube can be accessed with your voice the built-in Alexa feature is more advanced and user friendly. with your Amazon fire cube, you can now control your home theatre, with speech turning and turn off your TV hands-free. In the specifications department, it shows promising features that 2GB of RAM & 16GB of internal memory Hexa Core processor. The maximum resolution output supported as 4K at 60fps is best from the price point of view it’s a little bit more expensive than all the firesticks available in the market right now.

In my opinion, if you like Alexa capabilities then you should go for fire cube. Now in direct comparison, Amazon firestick looks weaker than fire cube but if we consider other factors like portability, price and the performance its offers, I don’t think it matters what you pick. it’s your personal choice and depends on person to person.

 if you talk about fire TV stick or fire stick There are a total of five fire sticks that are available on Amazon each one is priced differently each one is the better version from their previous cells. 

 Let’s go into detail about fire sticks-

The number one on the list is the fire TV stick lite. This version of firestick is the cheapest firestick available on Amazon if you just want to experience these streaming services or want to make your normal tv into a smart tv, you can buy this one.  this one is the cheapest and will give you a quite simple hectic free experience in my opinion.


the drawback of this stick is this doesn’t support the 4K resolution, Dolby vision or any other fancy stuff that the other upcoming versions which I am going to explain in this article support. 

On the spec sheet, it supports 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. 

So you must be wondering should you buy this one or not-

 well to be specific if you are having a 1080 p TV or lower resolution then you can try this one If your priorities are pretty simple and straight and you can easily give it a go in the end you just want to enjoy your TV series or movies on the bigger TV screen. 

Amazon in particular has pushed aggressively into the streaming space by producing a plethora of Fire TV-branded streaming devices.

Second, on our list is yes you guessed it right Amazon fire stick the normal one. so why there is a  firestick when there is already a Fire stick lite available on the market. You must be wondering that this one has to take storage options so something or maybe more connectivity options like a USB port for something but now nothing is included. To Answer this question Let’s discussed what you get in firestick see as I already mentioned in firestick you can use all the basic services but there’s a catch the remote you get with firestick doesn’t even have volume rockets and no power on-off button. I know now you already got the point but I am still gonna included now and firestick, the normal one you will have volume keys and a power on-off button. 

The price difference between firestick Lite and fire stick is around 9$- $10 approximately. All over the fire stick and fire stick light are the same specs-wise.  but in normal uses firestick seems more appropriate than fire stick light you know it got more options dedicated to Dolby atmos sound all over is a smoother experience with dedicated volume keys option to turn and turn off the TV. if you can buy fire Stick man I will suggest you buy fire stick normal not the lite.

See there is a  catch here for old fire stick lite customers if you are already a fire stick light consumer you don’t have to buy a fire stick just buy the fire stick remote and you are good to go. the major differences will be covered with remote only.

And now comes the latest addition to the fire stick apartment the fire stick 4K.

As the name suggests the fire stick 4K device is now capable to stream 4K shows. so if you are already using a 4k TV but it’s currently outdated or not smart you can buy fire stick 4K. on paper fire stick 4K comes with 8GB of internal storage and 1.5 GB of  Ram. It’s a great device for 4K TV’S but keep in mind that to watch 4K content you need to pay extra to the respective streaming service.

Amazon fire stick supports all the major streaming services like Hulu Disney Plus Amazon Prime Netflix & Other 20+ streaming services. All the premium streaming services are chargeable and billable monthly or annually as per your demands. Amazon also gives free options to watch from the list like Pluto TV Many more options to check. 

The latest addition to firestick 4K Amazon introduces fire stick 4K Max.

fire stick 4k max

 the basic difference between firestick 4K and 4K Max is that 4k Max supports Wi-Fi 6 for smooth Ultra HD streaming. On the specification, part fire stick 4K Max is buffed up version of firestick 4K.  like this one has 2GB of RAM And the Sem 8 GB internal storage. There’s also some enhancement done in the CPU section as well.  now it supports a 1.8 GHz clock speed In previous devices it was 1.7, and GPU is also tweaked up from 650 MHz to 750 MHz.

Now you have a basic knowledge about all the firesticks-

This leads to our Next question which one you should buy?

To be honest, it depends on what you want if you want 4K resolution, buy firestick 4K,  but if you want everything latest then go for 4K Max cause it supports Wi-Fi 6, more Ram faster GPU and CPU clock speeds. Having a 1080p monitor or lower than 1080p Then go for firestick.

Can you jailbreak a fire TV cube?

Yes, you can kind of jailbreak fire TV cube.  but it’s not called jailbreaking Rather it is known as sideloading. on your Amazon Fire TV stick or Fire TV cube you can sideload many available apps, that you cant possibly download from the Amazon app store. You must be wondering what is side loading.

To be specific sideloading is not jailbreaking. jailbreaking is a term used for iOS devices to technically hacked iOS. the site loading is generally an option that is already available on Android devices. Amazon fire stick is a kind of Android device with fire OS. as we see in android mobile phones we can install some third-party apps from other vendors or we can directly download them from Google without using the Play Store option. it is the same with sideloading,  you can download some Apps and transfer them to your Pendrive storage device then you can decide to load them in your Amazon fire Os.

  • To perform side-loading first you need to go into the settings options.
  • Second, find the Developer options menu and turn on the apps from unknown sources Icon check.
  • You are good to go connect your flash drive search the downloaded file and click install. remember this will not work for every app you try to install.

With this side-loading option, you can enjoy many other apps like file manager to manage your downloaded files and all videos. You can download some android third party apps to enjoy other functionalities within Amazon fire stick cube. 

Is Fire TV the same as Fire Stick?

At present time both the devices,  fire TV and firestick are the same now. fire TV was introduced in 2014 and now present 2022 fire stick has almost five models available in the market right now. this has completely changed the experience for users who are watching TV shows and just wanted to enjoy content in their free time. with lots of options to choose from like  Amazon Prime TV, Prime Video, Netflix and many other streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora music etc. Now the majority of the apps include premium subscriptions but with Amazon fire stick you get some free entertainment options as well. So you don’t need to search for any other alternative other than this. 

To Try out some new free apps Navigate To first open the page, you’ll see a featured applications row with some of the most popular free, ad-supported streaming apps, such as IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle, The CW app, and the News app on Fire TV. You may also find free content on other applications like Twitch, Red Bull, PBS, and PBS Kids.

Is there any free stuff to watch in firestick?

A curated way to find free movies, TV series, and other content. Customers can access a library of free content, which includes movies, TV series, and other media, through the Free tab, which is updated regularly. The majority of the free tab is made up of handpicked and themed rows of movies and TV shows from content suppliers. It also has a dedicated row for news material supplied by the News app for Fire TV, as well as a collection of tailored, recommended rows of free movies and TV episodes across categories including new, trending, and popular.

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