Someone has done it! a lightning port in an android phone

A lightning port in an android phone

After making a remarkable impression last year this engineer is back at it again. And this time he has done what we never expected nor wanted it. But he is at it and has done it again, proving that it can be done. Only companies are not motivated enough to do it or they don’t wanna ruin their cash cows just like that.

Ken Pillonel the man who last year amazed everyone in the world by giving us a type-c charging iPhone. Which was sold on an auction site for around 86000$.
So why did he take this decision?

In simple words, Apple devices do not support USB-C charging. they rely on their own proprietary technology which is known as a lightning port. Apple makes money by selling its lightning port chargers and cables to iPhone consumers worldwide.
Recently we have seen that Apple made a move in his iPad and laptop by giving support of USB-c port. This can be very useful to the segment of non-apple ecosystem users or those who are new and don’t want to rely on Apple proprietary stuff.

Now coming back to the topic, last year ken a man from Switzerland tried to make his own iPhone with USB-c charging port. And after doing a ton lot of research and reverse engineering he finally succeeded. He made an iPhone that works on USB-c charging. Now this year he is again came up with this new phone which is android but has a lightning port for charging and data transferring.
Yes, this Samsung mobile,

model A51 now has lightning port charging. Changing the fact that now an android phone can also be charged using an apple lightning charger. I know it is not what we desired or wanted him to do. But it’s here claiming that the world’s first android phone with a lightning port and ken also mentioned in his video that it a just a fun activity so don’t take it seriously. If you want to check his channel check here. The full tutorial on the lightning port in android will come on his channel sometime soon.

You can check all his other stuff on his official blog- ken pillonel.
Thanks for reading, will update this stuff more if I get more info on it.

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