T-mobile data breached again

Data was breached again at T-mobile a US-wireless telecom company. Reports say approx 37 million users of data are exposed in public.

German-based Deutsche Telekom company T-mobile, on 5th Jan Thursday identified a malicious breach in networks, which resulted in stolen information on 37 million customers.

The sensitive information is related to bank details, home address, mobile numbers & date of birth. T-mobile said they have already started emailing the concerned parties about the breach.

Furthermore, The investigation is still going and users’ banking Pins, passwords, and credit card information is safe and not exposed in this breach. According to the reports, the breach was first accessed on 25 Nov or before that. There is no evidence found yet about how and why the breach occurred.

In August 2021, T-mobile was breached and exposed 80 million customers‘ data. At that time private details like Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses were stolen. And many customers filed a case against the company.

In June 2022, Company agreed to settle the lawsuit by paying approx $350 million to the customers who were affected and filed the suit.

In the end, The investigation is still going and T-mobile has already notified law enforcement and federal agencies to look into this matter.

Currently, after identifying the breach, the hack was fixed. And mostly, all the systems are checked and back to their normal functioning.

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