How To Turn Galaxy A53 Off/On-

How to turn galaxy A53 off-

To turn off Galaxy a53 or any smartphone. we have to follow some steps to turn off the device safely, so we can turn it back on when needed. Before the steps, let’s take a brief look at the specification of Galaxy A53 first-

Samsung galaxy a53 was released back in 2022. The Galaxy A53 come with an Exynos processor and a 5,000 mAh battery. It weighs around 190g and has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen. The out-of-box android version is 12 and upgradable to version 13. One UI launcher is present on the device.

Now on to Turning On/Off galaxy a53-

  • If you want to turn off your galaxy a53, 
  • simply press the lock screen On/Off button also known as the power button,
  • which is located on the sides of the device, Just below the volume rockers. 
  • Now Press and hold the power button until there is a pop menu with several different options to choose from. 
  • Select the option to turn it off or just simply slide down the power off button. 
  • To switch your device off. 

Turn off your A53 using the notification centre-

  • Slide down on your home screen and access the notification bar.
  • Slide one more time to access all the other shortcuts and on the bottom side you will see The power menu
  • In the Power menu option, you can select to turn on/off or just simply restart your device.

How do I force restart my galaxy A53-

Force restarting your galaxy A53 is really easy-

You can try holding the power button and then turning it off 

Or you can 

Press and Hold the volume rocker down key + power button or lock button simultaneously for 2 min or until the Samsung logo shows up on the screen. 

This one is the safest and best method to force restart the Samsung galaxy a53.

My Samsung A53 is keep restarting-

galaxy a53 turn-off issue- If your galaxy is restarting again and again,  there must be some issue going on with your device. So first what I am going to suggest is that you must diagnose your mobile for any kind of wear or tear. Check if your device does have any hardware issues.

Check your galaxy A53 battery if it’s charging properly or not. Faulty batteries can also cause restarting issues if proper power is not delivered by the battery to mobile components. 

If you have checked properly and found nothing related to this issue. Then it’s possible that the problem is Software related. For software-related issues, you must check and update your device first. See if that fixes the issue or not. Generally, these issues are caused by software bugs and can be easily fixed with OTA updates. 

If updating doesn’t fix the issue then try to factory reset your device. This way you will have the old software back in the device which was working properly early.

Factory reset-

To perform a factory reset, first, switch off your device completely.

Then Press and hold the Volume power up button + power button. 

Now navigate the menu through the volume keys and select reset your device. 

Notice resetting your device will result in the loss of all the data present on the device at that time. 

So make sure you have a backup prepared in case anything goes wrong or you have important data to save. A backup can help you in restoring your data fast.

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