Importance of Goxlr broadcaster and its features USA 2021

TC-Helicon GOXLR Broadcaster

Nowadays a Goxlr broadcaster is used by a streamer to a gamer, audio and broadcasting devices play an important role in their field of work.

Starting from a broadcaster to streamer to a gamer everyone uses a ton of devices to control their audio and broadcasting settings but the day has come when we get all the control all in one.

Presenting, GOXLR a one-stop solution for them. One sleek and intuitive solution for mixing audio in real-time, changing voice, use industry-defining hardware and software, and engage with their audience like never before. The broadcaster is an outstanding device for the user.

Today we are here with GOXLR and GOXLR Mini. One-stop solution for audio enhancing, connect with your audience more smoothly and effectively. We are going to help you find your perfect setup. No need to waste your time on research because we have done that for you and found out the best device for you. Let’s find out which one is the best for your budget as well as your needs.


Starting with the best itself, GOXLR is one of the best audio enhancing devices out in the market right now. GOXLR is a multi-channel mixer. It gives you control over your audio with a single press of a button.


It helps the user to control their mic, game, music, chat, and more for the perfect broadcasting. GO XLRs starting price is 482.22$ makes it perfect at the budget range of 300$-500$. It has a studio-quality MIDAS preamp.

It makes the XLR mic sound great. Uses a 48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, limiter, de-Esser, and Gate. We all know that an audio enhancer is a very important thing for the user. To bring the best out of their content GO XLR is the perfect device for its users.

Want to recall a funny moment from the past or load a movie clip for fanfare, with a simple one-click you can load clips, sound effects, or samples into 12 dedicated playback pads which you can customize by your needs. GO XLR app makes it easier for the user to customize the pad itself. The GO XLR app is a user-friendly app that can be easily operated by the person who is trying to customize his pad. The app also helps to import samples and trim them to the exact time.

GO XLR is a user-friendly device for people who need a top-notch audio enhancing device. There is also a section for reverb, pitch, echo, and gender effects that can be conveniently operated via rotary knobs and the edit the microphone signal, sound, compressor, gate, and de-Esser. With the GO XLR, you can get a clean and professional sound that is soothing for the audience.

The main features of the GO XLR are: –

– USB Mixer For Gaming and Broadcasting

– 10hz-20khz Frequency Response

– 4-channel Mixer

– 4x Motorized Faders with LED Screen

– Informative Displays on the Board

– Weighs only 1.55kg

– 12V/1A DC Adapter Powered

– Dimensions: (HxWxD): 82 x 285 x 174mm

– 3x Banks of Customizable Sample Pads

– Additional Pads With Special Functions

– Input/outputs: XLR input, line-in, mic-in (small jack), headphone out, line out, USB, optical

– Interactive catalog.

– Low noise MIDAS Mic Pre-Amp.


GO XLR mini is the mini version of the GO XLR but it Is also one of the finest devices out in the market. It is a practical and efficient online broadcast mixer for gamers, streamers, and content creators.

goxlr mini

The pad itself costs only 199$ which is the best in the budget range and best for those who are looking for cheap alternatives. The design of the GO XLR Mini is simple yet elegant. GO XLR mini is an award-winning professional broadcaster. Low-noise MIDAS microphone pre-amp for transparent broadcast quality.

GO XLR mini is mainly online based on the user’s workflow. It establishes multiple USB devices so that you can control all of them with a single click on the device itself. GO XLR mini is perfect for any voice and microphone whether you’re an established creator with a multi-pc setup or going to start a Carrer as a creator.

GO XLR mini is an easy 3-way setup. Download the app, plug in the device, assign your programs and you’re ready to go! It is as easy as eating an apple. It doesn’t stop over there the TC-Helicon products offer incredible 24/7 support not only on their website but also on their discord server as well. As an exclusive feature, you can control and customize lighting, audio routing, mute modes, and more.

Shifting gears from gaming to creating and working by simply loading a new profile. GO XLR mini has its manual censor and cough button so you can let it all out while keeping the content clean and appropriate for viewers of all ages.

The main features of the GO XLR Mini are: –

– Online Based Broadcast Mixer

– Mixer with USB/Audio Interface

– Midas Pre-Amp

 – 10 Hz-29kz Frequency Response

– 4X Faders

– 6x Buttons

– Weights about 680g

– Dimensions: (HxWxD):- 70 x 132 x 168mm

– XLR in

– Optical Connection

– Line In/Out

– A/D-D/A Conversion: 24 bit @ 48 kHz

– Consumption: 24-bit

– Smaller version of GO XLR

Alternatives of GO XLR

GOXLR and GOXLR mini are some of the finest lines of work from the TC-Helicon company. They are one of the best audio broadcasters. But there are also a few competitors of them. Which are also top-notch and best in their field. We are enlisting some of them below.

1. Rode RODECaster PRO

The broadcaster audio mixing panel is a tad more expensive than the GO XLR mini but still isn’t quite as pricey as the original GO XLR.

Rodecaster Pro

The RodeCaster pro is 4 high-quality mic channels power studio condenser mics and conventional dynamic mics and features automatic level setting and one-touch recording to a microSD card. 8 programmable buttons to control the SFX, Music, and more: Recording audio to the direct pads from any input. It is a USB-connected device. You can interview remotely by simply connecting it with Bluetooth or with a TRRS cable. The max-minus audio prevents echoes from being heard by the callers.

2. AVer Media Live Streamer NEXUS

Aver Media Live Streamer

The live streamer Nexus is a merger of the two most popular devices for streaming hardware those are The Elgato Stream Deck and The TC Helicon GO XLR. The live streamers Nexus is a combination of a control panel and six-track audio mixers. It gives the user full control of the live creation process. It’s a 5″ IPS touch screen, four dedicated functions buttons, and six tactile audio dials.

The live streamer Nexus has two independent audio mixes of different levels of volume for the user and their viewers. It’s equipped with a customizable 5″ IPS display. Nexus widgets are one of the finest widgets for the NEXUS. It shows viewer count, subscriber count and it even displays live chat.

3. Creative Sound Blaster K3+

The Creative sound Blaster k3+ is one of the strongest contenders of the GO XLR. By staying on the budget it is one of the best audio broadcaster money can buy. It is considered a budget king.

Creative Sound Blaster

The Creative sound blaster k3+ powers up easily via a portable battery, laptop, wall socket, or car lighter port, and whatnot, making it easy to power up broadcaster. It is a USB-powered device. It can broadcast audio from the computer to the mixer and record the performance of the user directly to the desired device or stream live using a webcam or a video capture device. The Creative sound blaster k3+ has 9 adjustable buttons to choose from various reverb or effect to the user’s voice and adjust the tune. It also has soundboard clips/pitch correction effects.


From the above article, we can find GO XLR and GO XLR mini full specification as well as its tough contenders. If you find it difficult to find out the best broadcaster for your setup the above article is the butter to your bread. It will help you find out the best of the best and find out the perfect deal for you.

We have done our homework to find out the best deal for you possible right now. We will suggest you take some time and read the whole article to find out your desired device. There are many audio broadcasting devices in the market but the enlisted items are the budget and user-friendly items.

GOXLR and GOXLR Mini is the finest product out in the market. But keeping the current stage and the situation of the market we have made the above list. Keep in mind that sometimes some are the best depending on the market and on the current situation, the prices may vary from time to time. So stop wasting time and pick up the best broadcaster who fits you.

Get started with your streaming. Gaming or media career right away.

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