Introducing G9000 & G9200(GH3) Bengoo gaming headset

Hello readers, today in this post I am going to share bengoo gaming headset reviews.

 Are they providing quality headphones to an average user? let’s find out

 It’s always been a real hustle in finding the budget gaming headsets to deliver the quality.

 Gaming headsets are now becoming a real necessary thing for gaming, but it helps for other general stuff too like online classes, webinars, and office meetings over the internet.

 Today we will discuss budget gaming headsets named bengoo g9000 and bengoo g9200 gaming headsets in this post.

Especially because of the pandemic we learned that the internet is our savior in such desperate times. Again coming to the gaming headsets the headphones must meet certain criteria’s

So it can pass the standard user’s uses and provides some value on the cost spent.

Table of Contents

 Those certain criteria are-

  1. Sound output

  2. Quality of the headphones

  3. Sound drivers

  4. Mic sound quality

  5. Cushions quality on headphones

  6. Cable length and material

  7. Durability 

  8. Average using time (this depends on three things)

    1. Weight

    2. Material

    3. Shape

  9. Value for money.

 If the headphones provide all the above-mentioned features they will be treated as quality headphones for an average user.

1. Bengoo g9000 stereo gaming headset-

Bengoo g9000 stereo gaming headset: Bengoo g9000 or kotion g9000 is a budget gamer-friendly headset. In this headset, we have got all the general functions we can expect from budget gaming headphones. 

Now coming to specifications-

  • It has a 40-mm magnetic neodymium driver which provides high precision vivid sound quality.
  • Available in BLUE/RED/ORANGE/PURPLE/PINK COLOR Option with the same set of led lights inbuilt in the headphone.
  • These budget gaming headphones come with a universal 3.5mm jack for easy connectivity.
  • On the other hand for the led lights the extra USB plug is provided to power it ON.
  • The headphones also come with a 3.5mm jack splitter cable for pc use.
  • 5 mm jack splitter helpful in connecting the mic port and headset port at the same time in the pc for easy usability. 
  • This budget gaming headphone is compatible with all sorts of devices, such as laptops or pc, consoles (Xbox One, Playstation4), &mobile devices which have 3.5mm jack support. 

Now coming to the criteria which we have already discussed above.

  • Sound output– The bengoo g9000 or kotion g9000, the sound output of these headphones is quite impressive. These headphones perform above average in action-packed online games for example apex legends or call of duty warzone but when it comes to general enjoyment like watching movies or listening to songs.

Then these headphones are normal sounding, the bass is missing and vocals are not balanced. I am not saying these headphones are bad for watching movies. You can certainly use it for your daily activities, but only if your concern is watching movies or animes all day, I won’t recommend them to you.


Gaming is the only region where these headphones shine the most. You will hear the footsteps of the enemies clear and it will help you to make your strategies.


  • Quality of the headphones– bengoo gaming headset comes with an average quality shiny plastic build and I can say that the quality won’t bother you much. The overall build quality of the headphone is of hard plastic. The adjustable headband and on the ear cups there is some chrome finishing. The material used for the headset is high-grade TPE plastic.


  • Sound drivers– bengoo g9000 comes with 40-mm drivers for the best sound quality in the budget segment. The bigger the driver is the better the sound output is.


  • Mic quality– The mic on these gaming headphones is really good. The microphone is 120 degrees adjustable for flexible use. The sound input and output both are good on this headphone. An additional feature of this mic is noise isolation for better output to the end-user and crystal clear voice output in online classes or gaming.


  • Cushion quality– Cushion quality on-ear cups is average and provides enough safety and comfort to your ears. The material used in the cushions is a high-grade soft texture material rubber plastic mix.


  • Cable length– The length of the cable is 2.1mm cord and the material of the cable is braided nylon. The cable also consists of the in-line controller for mic ON/OFF and the volume controller for the headsets.


  • Durability– The headphones are quite durable in the long run. The headphones are lightweight and provide all the required features. The material of the headset is TPE-based plastic which is durable for 1 or 2years depending on the user’s uses and care. The product is breakable and not super sturdy. Wear and tear might occur in a short time if due care doesn’t provide. So use the product cautiously.


  • Average Use Time– The average time on bengoo gaming headsetFor this we have to use these 3 criteria which can clear out doubts.


  1. Weight– the product is lightweight only weights about 272 grams or 9.6 ounces
  2. Material– Tpe based plastic material which also makes it quite durable and light.
  3. Shape– It comes with an adjustable headband and a usable design. 

Based on the above analysis we conclude that the average duration of use is around 2 to 3 hours. In summers it can cause some messy ear cups bcoz of the plastic rubber material.

  • Value for money– YES 3/5 stars. It provides the overall features, including the build, comfort, usability, and life of the product.

2. Bengoo g9200 Gaming Headset with 4 speaker drivers-

The second gaming headphones on our list are also from bengoo model number g9200. Which comes with dual speaker drivers in the headsets. This headphone is multi-platform compatible like pc, laptop and gaming consoles, etc.

The headphones come with 30mm & 40mm driver combinations in both ear-cups. RGB led light is also present in this gaming headset which can be operated through a USB plug.

The headsets are 3.5 mm jack supported, the jack comes with gold plating.


  • Bengoo g9200 comes with dual drivers 
  • 30mm & 40mm driver combination is provided in each ear-cup
  • The headphones come with a 3.5mm jack for headphones usability
  • The USB plug is also there for RGB light functioning
  • RGB light can’t be controlled by the user (its random pattern)
  • 5mm jack is gold plated
  • Headsets come with a flexible mic which can be 720 degrees adjustable 
  • These headphones are multi-platform compatible


Let’s discuss the average usability and talk about its features in detail-

  • Sound Quality– First is the sound quality on Bengoo g9200 or we can say bengoo GH3 is kind of normal and pretty decent. The sound output it provides is basic and I do not recommend this headset to bass lovers. The bass is not heavy in these budget gaming headphones. It’s just that it gets the job done in this price range of under 50$ price segment. 


  • Quality of the headphones– Second, The quality of this gaming headset is also decent. These headphones use similar material as we have already discussed for the bengoo g9000. The headphones have the same plastic design with some changes in the headband and the RGB logo on the backside of the earcups.


  • Sound drivers– The most advertised thing about these gaming headsets are their speaker drivers. These headphones have dual drivers consist of 30mm & 40mm in both earphone cups. For the extra crystal clear sound quality. The drivers here provide additional help in gaming. For listening to the footsteps of the enemies or to differ b/w enemy sound or normal game music.


  • Mic Quality– The mic on these gaming headphones is 720 degrees adjustable which comes with led light that can be turned ON by using the USB plug. The mic also has a noise cancellation facility for better sound output in gaming. 


  • Cushion quality– The cushion quality is normal and gets the work done. The material is synthetic plastic rubber mix. Which gives normal foam padding feeling to isolate the outer sound. 


  • Cable Length– cable length is the same as bengoo g9000 and the material is also the same nylon fabric material. The in-line controller is also present the same as the bengoo g9000 with the volume dial and on/off mic button.


  • Durability– The headphones are basically of the same materials as the bengoo g9000 but the only difference which differs them is the 720-degree adjustable mic and the RGB light present on the headsets. the same TPE-based plastic material used for the headphones manufacture.


  • Average use time– For this, we have to use these 3 criteria which can clear our confusion. 


  1. Weight– the weight of the headphones is 544 grams or 19.2 ounces 
  2. Material– TPE-based plastic material human friendly which provided long life to these headsets.
  3. Shape– The shape of these headphones is ergonomic for comfortable use. The headband of the headsets is cylindrical and earcups are 45 degrees rotatable. All these additional perks provide comfort in long usage.

In conclusion, we can say that you can easily use them for long hours of gaming.

The headband adjustability provides easy and tight comfortable gripping on the head for long gaming sessions.


  • Value for money– Yes if your concern is only gaming. Other than that these headphones are pretty decent sounding and on the weight side also these headphones are 544 grams. IN longer sessions it may cause neck pains. Rating- 2.9/5
In my comparison and sort of review, the bengoo gaming headsets are quite capable of gaming and overall entertainment. On the other hand, The headphones are quite durable and lightweight. Overall If I have to choose one of these two I would definitely go for bengoo g9000 for its overall performance and quality, g9000 is cheaper than the g9200 and delivers more or less the same performance.

( this concludes the topic budget headphones Bengoo gaming headset review)

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