Alan Wake 2 bugs get patch update 1 Nov 2023

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A Significant Update

Alan Wake 2 received a substantial update on November 1st, elevating the game to version 1.0.8 on PC, 1.000.008 on PlayStation 5, and on Xbox Series. This update stands out as a comprehensive endeavor, introducing over 200 individual improvements and fixes across various platforms, aimed at addressing multiple issues and bugs that players encountered in earlier versions.

Global Improvements and Fixes

The update encompasses a variety of global improvements and fixes to enhance the overall gaming experience:

  • Localization Fixes: Ensuring that the game communicates seamlessly in all languages.
  • Subtitle Timings: Precisely timed subtitles for a more immersive experience.
  • Localized Audio: Enhanced audio in live-action cinematics.
  • Audio-Related Improvements: Fine-tuning audio aspects and adding polish.
  • Graphical Enhancements: Addressing graphical issues, lighting bugs, and improving lighting across different environments.
  • Image Aliasing: Making minor improvements in Performance mode and Xbox Series S.

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UI-Related Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

The update also brings numerous UI-related fixes and additional polish, making the user interface more user-friendly. The gameplay benefits from a series of improvements, including minor refinements and enhanced auto-aim under specific circumstances.

Player Character Animation: Rare issues have been fixed.

Case Board and Map: Resolving various issues and glitches that players encountered.

Conversation Progress: Ensuring that conversations trigger correctly and don’t block progress.

Rose’s Dialogue Choices: Fixing instances where they were not selectable and resulted in progress blockages.

Saga’s Lines: Addressing a rare issue where Saga’s lines didn’t play as expected, causing progress blockages.

Case Board Tutorial: Preventing players from getting stuck in a tutorial.

Exploration Rewards: Fixing issues related to Lighthouse exploration rewards.

Mission-Specific Bug Fixes

The update tackles issues specific to certain missions:

  • Invitation Mission: Resolving a bug where Saga could get stuck in the environment (“Crazy forest”).
  • Casey Mission: Addressing potential issues with Dark Presence and fixing a rare crash.
  • Zane’s Film Mission: Fixing a bug where Alan could fall through the environment.
  • Scratch Mission: Preventing Saga from falling through the world and fixing a gate-locking issue.
  • Map Issue: Resolving a rare problem that could take players outside of the game world when opening the map.
  • We Sing Mission: Fixing a bug where Alan could get stuck in the environment.
  • Room 665 Mission: Correcting an issue with the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo.
  • Masks Mission: Addressing a problem that could block mission progress if tasks were performed in a specific order.
  • Deerfest Mission: Fixing an issue related to physics props blocking player progress.
  • Come Home Mission: Addressing instances where players couldn’t exit the radio, TV, or manuscript interact modules.

PC-Specific Fixes

The PC version of the game has received its share of attention:

  • Graphics Settings Bug: Preventing graphics settings from resetting when launching the game.
  • PC Window Handling: Enhancing the logic related to PC windows.
  • Mouse Cursor: Ensuring the mouse cursor appears in menus as expected.

In summary, this extensive update for Alan Wake 2 aims to address a wide range of issues and bugs, contributing to an improved gameplay experience for players on all platforms. Enjoy the game with fewer hiccups and more seamless immersion.

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