A woman got caught with 200 Intel CPUs in her fake belly.

In a recent event, a woman got caught by officials. who tried to smuggle over 200 Intel CPUs in her fake pregnant belly. The officials caught her at the airport. 

This was shocking to the airport customs officials too that this time it was no weapon or drug but a pc component. Apart from Intel CPUs woman was also carrying 9 iPhones bundled up around her torso. 

Details are-  A young woman crossing the border between Macau, a self-governing territory, and Zhuhai, a city in Guangdong Province near Hong Kong (via mydrivers)

At Gongbei port officials noticed the strange belly and the behaviour of the woman.

When they ask her about the pregnancy she told them 5-6month but the officials were suspicious of her large belly. Then they discovered the hidden cpu’s and mobile phones.

It was not the first time though, the officials have caught CPU smugglers many times but with a prosthetic belly. This was new to them. And who knows if these tricks have worked for them earlier. Maybe an action report will suffice that what will be done against these perps.

In China, the customs duty on PC items is very high that’s why these kinds of activities are taking place. In march also there was a man who got arrested for carrying 160 intel CPUs and 16 folding phones at the same port. 

Images are circulating over social media hinting that the CPUs are from intel models based on LGA1700 so the processor can be the ALDEN LAKE chips. The mobile phones, on the other hand, are iPhone X and XS. rumour is, the total value of these Pc components could be over 100 thousand dollars.

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