Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 is here

2 days ago on 4DEC 2022, Fortnite released chapter 4, which brings new elements to the battle royale game. The new Fortnite is running using Unreal Engine 5.1, providing Fortnite with new visual features. Unreal Engine 5 is a proprietary tool of EPIC games. Now Fortnite is using the Unreal Engine 5.1 features which are excellent and provide real visual updates and freshness to the game

Fortnite latest features and updates of chapter 4 season 1-

Unreal Engine-

The use of unreal engine 5.1 can be seen in Fortnite chapter 4 as visually stunning photorealistic graphics and cool day and night time shifts. The physics of breaking the wall and colour-changing clouds are all bcoz of the unreal engine 5.

But does it mean you have to compromise with the FPS? Well, that’s the best thing about unreal engine 5 that the graphics are super buffed without even compromising the FPS. It means you are still good with your old GPU if it supports Direct X12.

Moreover, on the technical part, the newsflash is that Fortnite will later than sooner going to Pullout the support for Windows 7 & 8 OS. So chapter 4 season 2 will only be working on windows 10 or later.

New bikes-

Fortnite chapter 4 brings new dirt bikes. You can perform various stunts on these dirt bikes and gain points. Moving on these dirt bikes is cool and you can perform ariel action too. You can use weapons at the same time when riding this bike. The bikes are officially known as Trail Thrasher.


Next on the list, we have something new in the game called reality augments. The reality augments are perks which are given to the players after some time in the match. So the longer you survive the better your chances are to get these perks. There are 22 perks in total and going to be more in future according to the official source. The perks are given on a random basis and at a time two choices are provided.

So as I have mentioned there are a total of 22 perks some of which are-

  • Mechanical archer– it gives you an explosive bow
  • Supercharged– this perk will give you vehicle increased health and unlimited fuel.
  • Aerialist– will provide you redeploy glider for the full match. 
  •  Soaring Sprints- Boosts jumping ability and decreases the effect of gravity at the time of jumping higher. And many more which you can find in the actual game.

Once you get a perk you can also reroll them for the next time. So you can have your favourites selected. Once a perk is given it will be activated for the full match cycle of that match.

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Shockwave hammer-

Fortnite Chapter 4 this time gives you a new melee weapon. Which is called a shockwave hammer which can be used to propel yourself in the air with a shock wave. Just smash the hammer on the ground and the shockwave will give you a boosted jump. And if you are able to successfully hit a target with this hammer then the damage is high as well. The hammer has 15 seconds of cool time so you won’t be able to use it again and again. Overall a balanced hammer and a good addition to chapter 4.

Mysterious Rock-

 In Fortnite chapter 4, if you visit shattered slabs you will find some mysterious rocks called Kinetic ore. These mysterious rocks can be used to defeat your enemies or just launch them for fun. You can launch them by hitting them with your sword or hammer.

Berries, juice and healing-

New business in town, in chapter 4 you will see that the slurp factory is replaced by slap juice. 

In slappy shores, you will slap juice which can replenish your health and gives you temporary energy regen. Also, you can sprint for longer (20sec) without losing your stamina.

Slap berries are also available. which you will find randomly on the ground and are lesser effective. you can eat it to replenish your health and stamina.

For boost jump and some health restoration, you look out for sky jellies these aqua colour jellies will give you a jump boost and restore some of your health at the same time.

In the end Battle Pass


Embark on the bus of battle with a new cast of combatants:

Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

With this Season’s Battle Pass purchase, you’ll immediately unlock Selene. Progress through the Battle Pass to unlock these other Outfits:

On the midnight grind, Massai

In your ultra nightmares, Doom Slayer

Bruteball MVP, Dusty

With sight beyond, Nezumi

Part of The High Stakes Club with Joni the Red, Helsie

Ruling an Empire, The Ageless

And later on in the Season, you’ll be able to unlock monster hunter for hire, Geralt of Rivia himself.

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