6 best Bluetooth speaker of 2022 under $200

The best Bluetooth speaker 2022 under 200

Are you searching for a budget Bluetooth speaker for your weekend parties? For my personal use, I have searched so many speakers. So I got the idea to make a post on it. Check my curated list below to find your budget speaker.

We, music lovers, love speakers and having a portable Bluetooth speaker is just a plus. Carrying a portable speaker makes life easy. The list consists of all the potential speakers I liked, I hope you like my choices. 

List of best Bluetooth speaker of 2022 under $200-

All the Bluetooth speakers on the list will be below 200 dollars price. So not entirely cheap but affordable if you invest in a good sound and not the brand itself. check my other list of party speakers with mic.



IP rating

Bluetooth version

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Ultimate Ears Boom 3




Micro usb

Tribit StormBox Blast




Power Cord

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus




Type C

 Jbl charge 5




Type C

W-king T11




Power Cord

 Bose SoundLink Flex




Type C

1. Ultimate ears boom 3

Ultimate ears boom 3 is a small speaker. The boom 3 Bluetooth speaker is loud and very easy to carry. boom 3 is small and weighs only 608g. The speaker comes with an ip67 rating. This makes it completely waterproof and dustproof, so no worries around pools. Ultimate ears advertise boom 3 as a virtually indestructible speaker.

Ultraears boom 3 speakers

Which makes it quite durable and robust in my opinion. The battery of the boom 3 speaker gives a real-world output of up to 12 hrs average. Boom 3 provides balanced and distortion-free sound. If you are not a heavy bass lover, you can definitely go with boom 3. For extra bass, you should try its big brother Megaboom 3.

To access more features of the boom 3 you must download their official app to get all the other functionalities like Equalizer and party play connection. The app provides a feature to connect 150 plus boom speakers for surround sound effects. 

2. Best Bass BT speaker Tribit StormBox Blast

The tribit stormbox blast is a phenomenal device. The bass of this speaker is on par with the best of the devices. But the best part is the price, you can buy this speaker for just 199$. This 90W bassy Bluetooth speaker is one of the best competitor to Jbl boombox. 

Stormbox Blast speaker

Looking at the design of the speaker, it comes with 32 RGB led lights and an IPX7 rating for waterproofing. The speaker has a dedicated button for bass called XBass. Stormbox blast also supports the latest Bluetooth version 5.3. You can also use this speaker as a power bank to recharge other devices. Supports TWS, so you can connect two stormbox blast together for more loudness.

The weight of the speaker is around 5kgs and battery backup is up to 30 hrs. Real-world 20-22hrs or depending on the uses. There is no microphone in this speaker so no hands-free calling. You can download the app to access the equalizer functionality of this speaker. Now should you buy this speaker or not?

Well in brief, definitely if you are a bass lover and definitely for great sound quality. To be true this speaker really defines its name stormbox with the sound quality it provides. 

3. Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Best floating speaker-

The Anker’s Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is a great portable outdoor speaker. If you like to carry your speaker around the beach or pool parties then this will be a great choice for you. The speaker supports 80W music output.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

 The bass is great and the music is loud enough for outdoors. You can even connect with more Motionboom plus with Powercast 2.0 feature to make it TWS. Motionboom plus weighs around 2.4 kg which makes it lighter than Stormbox. 

Soundcore motion boom plus comes with an inbuilt battery of 13,400 mAh. which can be easily charged with a Type C port. The battery output is up to 20hrs according to the soundcore. In real-world uses, you can expect around 15hrs plus. The speaker got an IP67 which makes it totally waterproof and dustproof. Boom plus Speaker has aux support for connecting with mobiles,pc & other devices with a 3.5mm jack.

The company claims that it floats in water and never drowns. You get strap   Other additional features you can figure out by using their official application available on android and ios. 

4. Best Portable Speaker Jbl charge 5-

Jbl charge 5 is the best speaker when it comes to portability and overall sound experience. There is no doubt here that JBL charge 5 sounds really great and its vocals, low-mid and high all are greatly balanced.

JBL charge 5

The bass is good too, JBL charge 5 surprisingly sounds better than Boom 3. Indoor and outdoor at both places the charge 5 performs amazingly well. With a budget of under 200 dollars, you can choose this bluetooth speaker without any doubt. Now coming to its specifications Charge 5 comes with an IP67 rating for waterproofing same as other competitors. 

Jbl charge 5 bluetooth speaker supports 40w output for sound delivery. The JBL charge 5 comes with a built-in powerbank facility to charge your devices. Download the JBL portable application on your phone to access more features like settings up equalizer profiles for your speaker. Connecting with another jbl charge 3 speakers to increase the sound quality.

Jbl charge 3 advertised to have a battery backup of around 20 hrs but you can expect the real-world backup to be around 10-13 hrs. For portability and bass lovers, the JBL charge 5 will be the best choice in bluetooth speaker segment. 

5. W-KING 100W Bluetooth Speaker 2022 under $ 200-

W-king is a well-renowned name now and it delivers what it promises. The W-king T11 is a very powerful 100w speaker. Which can outperform many speakers outdoors as well as indoors. Can’t call it a portable speaker but you can carry it with some effort coz it’s worth it.

W-king T11

The extra weight adds to its extra sound. You can connect the mic with the speaker to enjoy karaoke outdoors. The speaker is truly a party speaker with great sounding bass and really loud sound.

The bass is punchy and the sound is crisp and distortion-free even at loud volumes. The Bluetooth version on W king T11 is 5.3 which is the latest. The battery capacity of the speaker is 15,600 mAh. Powerbank function will stop when the speaker will be left with a 20% battery.

The only downside we see in this speaker is its IP certification. Which is only IPX6. this makes this speaker only water splash resistant and no waterproofing or dust proofing.

So you needed to be a little careful around beaches and swimming pools. 

6. Best balanced sounding speaker The Bose SoundLink Flex-

The soundlink flex is a good bluetooth speaker under the price tag of 200 dollars. The bose very good and reliable brand in the market. If you are looking for a very balanced sounding portable bluetooth speaker. Then the bose soundlink flex is not a bad choice. 

Bose Soundlink Flex

The speaker weighs only 590g which makes it very light in comparison to other speakers in this post. The speaker is small but not tiny. The speaker packs very powerful sound and you will like it once you check the sound quality of the speaker.

Now coming to the specifications. The bose soundlink flex comes with BlueTooth 4.2 which is old but gets the job done. This bluetooth speaker has an IP67 rating, which means a fully waterproof and dustproof design. Comes with a lithium-ion battery which can last up to 7-8 hrs of real-world use.

Although the company claims 12hrs battery backup. Supports Type C chagring. There is no Aux support to connect with mobile or tablet. So a truly wireless portable speaker by bose brand. The speaker is lightweight, performs good and has an in-built microphone for taking calls.

So overall a pretty good speaker and you can find this speaker at discounted rates too.


Now it’s time to conclude this post. I hope this post will help you in finding the best product according to your style. For myself, I have chosen the Tribit Stormbox Blast. The stormbox blast is a perfect choice for me. I like heavy bass which delivers quite nicely and I have no desire for the IP67 rating. IPX7 is good enough for me.

Which one will be more preferable as a portable bass-heavy option –

If you are considering an ultra-portable bass-heavy option then you should go for JBL charge 5. charge 5 delivers a great sound output and the bass is really good too.

Which speaker will be good for rough daily use-

From the above-mentioned speakers, you can easily go with the boom 3. If you are a rough user and tend to drop your speakers or want to carry them everywhere then boom 3 will not disappoint you. Boom 3 is the best survival speaker and comes with an IP67 rating.

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