Xbox Exclusives Set to Arrive on PS5: Microsoft Podcast

Microsoft is expanding its gaming business beyond just the company’s Xbox consoles. As part of this strategy shift, Microsoft is bringing some Xbox-exclusive games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch. According to Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, the company has decided to take four games to other consoles. However, Microsoft has not yet revealed the names of the four titles. Spencer claims that there has been no change to the company doing Xbox exclusives, but he also thinks that there will be fewer console exclusives across the industry over the next decade.

Microsoft is framing this move as just four games that the company can learn from, testing the waters if you will. But rumours have suggested that Microsoft’s ambitions for multiplatform games go much deeper. Spencer confirms that Starfield and Indiana Jones are not part of the first four games, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility of these titles arriving on PS5 in the future.

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Microsoft is exploring the potential for expanding its multiplatform game offerings in the future, with plans for more than the current four titles. While final decisions have yet to be made, the company acknowledges the evolving landscape of Xbox games and exclusivity, hinting at intriguing developments ahead.

Despite this ambition, Microsoft recognizes the need for growth within the Xbox business. Sales of its Xbox Series S and X consoles trail behind Sony’s PlayStation 5, and there’s been a slowdown in Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. To fuel expansion, Microsoft sees content revenue as a promising avenue.

Under the banner of “Xbox Everywhere,” Microsoft aims to extend its games beyond traditional platforms. According to Spencer, decisions are made with the long-term health of Xbox in mind, emphasizing platform growth, game performance, and accessibility to players. Leveraging insights from fan feedback, Microsoft weighs the role of exclusivity in driving console sales, acknowledging the importance of social networks and game libraries.

In response to fan concerns about Xbox hardware, Microsoft teases upcoming hardware releases, promising significant advancements in the next generation. Xbox president Sarah Bond hints at exciting developments in console and controller options, possibly even including an Xbox handheld in the future.

With its Xbox Everywhere vision, Microsoft aims to redefine its gaming presence beyond the confines of the Xbox console. Success could revolutionize the industry’s approach to game development, while failure would prompt a reevaluation of strategies to expand Xbox’s reach.

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