Fix Dead Island 2 Launching Issues

Hey there, fellow gamers! I’m excited to share my experience with Dead Island 2, the exclusive AAA game on the Epic Game Store. As I tried to dive into the action, I encountered a few hurdles that I had never faced before. Let me walk you through my troubleshooting journey to fix these launching issues.

Common Launching Problems

Connecting to Epic online services became a real challenge for me. Each time I clicked the prompt, it closed within seconds, not giving me enough time to log in. Additionally, the game failed to launch, forcing me into a never-ending “repair” loop that didn’t seem to help. The update installation also became an ordeal, showing a frustrating “failure to install” error.

Dealing with Update Installation Errors

I even faced an unexpected antivirus obstacle. My Avast antivirus flagged the update as suspicious and threw it into quarantine, making matters worse.

The Simple Restart Solution

I tried different options, but the simplest solution ultimately came to my rescue – turning my computer off and on again. Surprisingly, this classic trick worked like magic. After restarting, I opened the Epic Launcher, clicked “repair,” and the update installed smoothly, allowing me to launch the game without any further hiccups.

Getting Back in the Game

Once I followed these steps, everything fell into place. I successfully connected to Epic online services, launched the game, and immersed myself in the thrilling gameplay. It was a great relief to see everything working seamlessly.


My journey to fix Dead Island 2 launching issues taught me the power of a simple restart and the value of our fantastic community. By following these steps and seeking help, you too can overcome any obstacles and fully enjoy the game. Happy gaming, everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I connect to Epic online services if the prompt closes too quickly?

Try restarting your computer before clicking the prompt again. This may provide enough time to log in successfully.

The “repair” option doesn’t seem to resolve anything. Any suggestions?

Before clicking “repair,” restart your computer. This simple step might do the trick and fix the issue.

How can I deal with the “failure to install” error during updates?

Temporarily disable your antivirus before attempting the update. After restarting your computer, try installing the update again.

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