Are there any latest tablet with usb ports in 2022

Topic: Are there any tablet with usb ports

In this post, I am going to talk about tablets and tablet with usb ports, whether should you buy a tablet and many more. The tablets I’m going to include here are going to be more powerful than your average tablet and going to perform much better.

After mobile phones, tablets are mostly our next go-to device. Tablets have plenty of practical uses when we cannot grab a laptop or computer. Carrying around a computer is not possible and laptops are also kinda big and bulky. 

The Tablets on the other side are easy and can be carried if the size is around 8-10 inches. But portability and screen size doesn’t matter when we need the work done. 

Mobile phones are equally competitive with technology too. Nowadays mobiles can do almost everything, but when it comes to comparing the data in excel sheets or drawing a complex design for social media content then a bigger screen size helps. Some tablets come with a stylus to perform tasks like such. 

Who is the target audience of tablet devices?

Tablets’ target audience? Tablets are mainly used by kids and college-going students. In the professional world, tablet uses are minimal and very basic. You can’t perform all the pc like tasks on tablet devices yet. The apps are very low in numbers. The apps which do present lack in quality and no. of function. If we just take the example of excel sheets the app has very few features compared to its laptop or pc counterpart. 

Now I’m going to share only those tablets in this list which are coming up with usb ports and not the ones that others have already shared. 

These tablets which are we going to discuss below can do much more than a tablet and direct connectivity is a real brize on these. 

1. Most powerful ASUS ROG Flow Z13

No. 1 on our list is the Most powerful Tablet cum laptop from the Brand Asus. The model is ASUS ROG Flow Z13. Flow Z13 is an awesome device and comes with multiple configurations as per your budget. You can go with Ryzen or Intel for processors. This tablet cum mini Laptop also has a dedicated GPU which depends on the configuration from AMD or Nvidia. 

tablet with usb port

The basic configuration of this tablet will be-

  • A 13.4 inches FHD 120Hz refresh rate touch responsive screen with Dolby Vision HDR support. Adaptive sync is present for a smooth tear-free gaming experience.
  • The onboard storage on the device is a 512GB solid-state drive as default running on PCIe4.0. You can upgrade it to 1TB.
  • 16GB of RAM for better app management is the default too. 
  • For other regular connectivity options it has a 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.2, 1x Thunderbolt 4, & 1x microSD (UHS-II).
  • It weighs around 2.61 pounds and comes with a portable keyboard. 
  • For more gaming power you can attach an additional graphics card through the thunderbolt 4 port.
  • In the accessories section, you can get the XG Mobile add-on. Which will give you overall more options to use it like a full desktop machine.

Making this tablet a beast with full connectivity usb ports and offering great performance. It has a front and back camera of 8MP for regular tasks like video calling or attending zoom meetings. 

The battery is 56 watt-hours and can be charged to 0-50% in 30 minutes with Asus fast charging.

The operating system on the device is going to be Windows 11.

Should you buy this one? 

Well if you are a heavy content creator and also like to play games. Then this will be a perfect portable partner for you. On the other hand, it’s expensive and bulky in weight and you can’t upgrade the ram on the device to 32GB.

2. Business PC tab Galaxy Book 2 pro 360

Second, on our list is Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 Galaxy Book 2 pro 360 is a laptop which can act like a tablet. If you want a powerful laptop in a tablet form factor. Then definitely you can go with the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 pro 360. Galaxy book has 13.3-inch touch Full HD display with a 60 Hz refresh rate. 

This laptop cum tablet weighs around 1.16kgs.

tablet with usb port
  • The specification is as follows-
  • You can get this device with an intel processor i5/i7 12th generation Evo
  • Ram is going to be 16GB DDR5, no upgrade options yet.
  • Ms office student version pre-installed.
  • Windows 11 default operating system on the device.
  • Supports private file sharing with other galaxy devices.
  • Comes with 2 USB type-C, and 1 is Thunderbolt 4.0.
  • Has a dedicated HDMI port.
  • Supports a 65-watt charger.

Now the most important you should buy it or not.

If you are a content creator plus a content consumer. You need a dedicated keyboard for writing or doing other editing-related stuff. Want to play some pc games? Then Yes this tablet cum laptop will be a good choice for you. But be aware that this will be for the average user. For heavy gaming or video editing, you should go with a dedicated laptop.

3. Tablet with detachable keyboard ThinkPad X12

The third is from the brand Lenovo. The ThinkPad X12 is the detachable version.

This Lenovo tablet has a 12.3 inch 400 nits brightness Full HD touch screen.

There are multiple variants and combinations are available with this device.

The ThinkPad x12 comes with a 45watt hours battery and supports 65w fast charging.

You can expect a battery backup of around 7hrs on average. The device has USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 and Thunderbolt 4 ports on the side. Comes with Wlan, NFC and Bluetooth support. Optional support of a sim slot is available as per user requirements. It works on windows os and for dedicated GPU it has Intel Iris xe.

tablet with usb port

In-camera department it has a 5MP front camera with infrared detection. On the rear side, there is an 8MP camera for video recording and document scanning stuff.

Support of a dedicated keyboard is present which can be detached as a convenient choice. The keyboard comes with dedicated white lights.

Tablets weigh around 840gm without the keyboard attachment. 

This Tablet cum laptop has all the general required features which can get your work done effortlessly.

Who should buy it? 

The one who is constantly in a need of detachable keyboard feature and a tablet with a laptop specification.

4. Tablet with pen Samsung Galaxy Tab S8-

Fourth on the list, we have tablets from the brand Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Tab s8. Tab s8 comes with the latest snapdragon s8 gen 1 chipset which offers the best performance at the current time.

The tablet has an 11-inch touch 120hz display. Two storage options to choose from 128GB and 256GB. For more expandability, you can attach a Pendrive or HDD using the type-C port. Yes, the tablet offers a Type-C USB port and MicroSD card slot.

tablet with usb port

The tablet is quite easy to handle and comfortable to hold for a longer duration. The battery backup Tab S8 is quite good and can last for around 12 hrs average. In my opinion, an 11inch screen size is good for media consumption but if you feel like you want more.

Then you can go with a 12.4 or 14.6-inch size which is available with model S8+ and S8 ultra respectively. Right now S8 does not have any cellular facility. But Samsung announced that Tab S8s will have a sim card slot for cellular connectivity.

Samsung Tab s8 come with an s-pen for other doodling features. S-pen helps if you are a creator or student and creating drawings or taking notes on Tab s8 becomes quite easy.

For zoom meetings, Tab S8 comes with a 12MP ultra-wide front-facing camera and in the rear, it has a dual camera setup of 13 + 6 MP camera. Where 13Mp is an autofocus camera and 6Mp camera is an ultra-wide lens.

Samsung S8 offers many features like Samsung Dex for a computer-like feeling. You can connect many other devices using a dongle via the Type-C port to access multiple devices on your tab. 

What is Samsung Dex?

If you are wondering what is samsung dex then samsung dex is a proprietary feature. Where samsung provides a feature to some specific samsung dex enabled devices that can connect to any monitor or tv and provide a desktop-like experience on a monitor or TV.


Overall all the tablets we have discussed above are top-notch and good for day-to-day tasks. If you are an android person go with the Samsung Tab s8 and if you want windows on your tab then I might suggest the galaxy book 2 pro. both are really good in my opinion, the rest is up to your requirements.

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