Instagram Story Sizes Unlocking the potential

Have you ever posted on your Instagram story only to find that your content doesn’t fit quite right? Maybe the text was cut off or an important part of the photo got chopped off. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – figuring out Instagram story sizes can definitely take some trial and error.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of Instagram story sizes and provide you with the tips and tricks to ensure your content looks impeccable every time.

The Evolution of Instagram Story Sizes:

When I first started using Instagram stories regularly a few years ago, I faced challenges in making my content fit within the Instagram story frame. Over time, Instagram has standardized story sizes to 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. This means your content can be as wide as 1080px across but no taller than 1920px vertically.

Instagram story size

Understanding the 3×3 Grid:

For those looking to include multiple images or elements in a single story slide, Instagram breaks the frame into a 3 by 3 grid. Each grid cell is 360px wide by 640px tall. This layout becomes particularly important when arranging multiple photos side by side. You can check which grid cells are being used by tapping on the layout icons at the bottom of the story edit screen.

Text Guidelines:

When it comes to text, keeping individual lines under 30-40 characters ensures readability without the need to stop and scroll. Pay attention to font size, ensuring it strikes the right balance between legibility and space efficiency. Explore built-in text features like different font styles and colors to enhance visual interest.


Stickers, Text Boxes, and Drawing:

Adding stickers, text boxes, or drawing on screenshots requires leaving about a 0.5-inch border on all sides to prevent cutoffs. Elements drawn or placed along the outer edges may end up partially hidden behind the border. Keeping drawn elements relatively simple and within the center 2/3 of the frame ensures optimal visibility.

Attention Span:

Speaking of attention spans, it’s wise to consider Instagram’s typical story viewing habits when constructing your slides. While some viewers watch stories from start to finish, many more will only glimpse 1-2 slides at a time as they casually scroll. Front-loading your most compelling highlights at the beginning helps hook viewers in right away.

Navigating Creative Story Formats:

Instagram offers various creative story formats, each with its unique sizing considerations. Question stickers or polls, for instance, require the question text to fit comfortably within one line, leaving room for interactive elements above and below.

Graphics and Illustrated Stories:

For graphics and illustrated stories, careful layout planning is essential. Vectors, drawings, and typography look best when sized to fill the frame without excess empty space. Pay attention to story templates, adjusting additional text, hashtags, or mentions to sit neatly alongside fixed-sized graphic elements.

Creating Cohesive Storytelling:

Incorporating multiple slides without feeling disjointed can be a challenge. Aim for a cadence of around 4-6 second duration slides, and consider using subtle animation effects between slides to guide the viewer’s eye smoothly. Front-load your most compelling highlights to hook viewers from the beginning, given the varied story viewing habits on Instagram.


With these guidelines, you’ll master Instagram story sizes, ensuring your content looks cohesive, engaging, and perfectly fitted within the frame. Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or a beginner, these tips will help you navigate the creative landscape of Instagram stories with ease. Happy storytelling!

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