Season 2  Master of Arms goes live Battlefield 2042 (more inside)

August 30 at 08:00 UTC, the season 2 update will start rolling and you will be able to play once its live and your game is updated.

season 2 brief updates- New character named charlie  A new map called stranded will be available. Many new vehicles and weapons.

New ride- EBLC-RAM armoured attack vehicle for hit and run strikes on enemy. vehicles comes with spawn beacon and active protection system.

With the introduction of this new season, battlefield 2042 will also get a patch 2.0. It will try to fix some previous bugs and problems and more in the battle pass update

New weapon sets- AM40, Avancy & PF51 weapon- Am40 is a assault rifle cum SMG weapon. versatile and easy to control with strong damage.

New Weapon Avancy is a 20% lighter machine gun for high firepower performance. Pf51- this semi-automatic gun has maximised magazine.

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You will find more info on its official website.