Rumor has it Amazon acquired EA games

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, normally regarded as one of the industry's largest publishers, will be acquired by Amazon.

Multiplayer games such as New World and Lost Ark have not established Amazon as a major force, but acquiring EA would immediately move them to the front of the line.

There has been no official word by either party that the acquisition is taking place, and neither has a potential price for the buyout been mentioned.

The report of the rumour is being confirmed by the GLHF source. If this acquisition goes as planned then only Ubisoft will be left as an independent gaming publisher.

EA's business is primarily based on micropayments from FIFA, Madden, and its prominent console sports games.

Amazon is not going to make a bid for Electronic Arts, sources tell CNBC's  @DavidFaber . Shares of $EA surged earlier on a report citing a "rumor."

Let's see, what happens

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