Destroy all humans 2 reprobed what's new ?

The 2022 edition Destroy all humans 2 reprobed remake is here and now available to preorder.

If you pre-order it now you will receive assured bonus dlc included with the game.

The speculative release date is set to be 30 August 2022. The remake features new and improved graphics with no censorship content.

All adult jokes and humour is present which can be entertaining up to your liking. 

The game features a two-player campaign mode with a split-screen option but there is no online option yet.

The original game was launched in back 2006, at that time the experience of an open-world games was unreal.

The remake also balances the graphics with new-gen tones and keeps the simplicity of the characters as goofy as they were back then.

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Game ratings by experts- IGN - 6 God is a Geek - 8 Push Square - 4 Gaming Nexus - 6.5 Press Start - 7