Project W released

Dead by Daylight-

Project W chapter is a Reseident Evil DLC where you will explore the hallways of Raccoon City's Police Department to survive the night.

In survivor section you can play as Ada wong or Rebecca Chambers with new outfits and improved maps.

Killers can choose to play Alber Wesker who uses the power of the Uroboros virus to take down active players.  

Total 7 rare outfits are available to choose from. 1. Rebecca chambers in cowgirl outfit 2. Jill valentine in STARS outfit. 3. Feng Min in Jill outfit 4. Leon in Detective Noir Outfit

Total 7 rare outfits are available to choose from- 5. Albert wesker STARS outfit 6. Ada wong in an undercover espionage outfit 7. Felix Richter in STARS outfit

Dead by daylight also gives free 100k blood points on the launch of this DLC. so Don't forget to check that as well on its official Twitter handle.