Data Breach On Streaming Platform Millions Of Accounts At Risk

American streaming service plex-tv

Reported a potential data breach on 24 aug.

Password reset

company has sent emails to its customer base urging them to change their password on priority bases.

on their official site, plex said in recent activity we found that one of our databases was showing suspicious activity.

According to the source above they sent emails to all there customers to change the email/password on priority bases.

In the case of credit card information, they have said that their banking information is all safe and stored on a totally different server.

To change your Plex account password, open a private/incognito browser window. Next, enter your email address and hit “Send Instructions”. 

Within a minute or so, you should receive an e-mail that will give you instructions. After changing your password you can either stay or delete your account safely from the plex network.

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