Apple $95 million lawsuit settlement, are you eligible for benefit?

so what was the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit was against the AppleCare policy where they replace the device with the new one in case of any fault.

But apple was not replacing it with a new phone. instead, they were giving out a refurbished model. apple denied all the wrongdoings.

Even now apple denies any of such claims but agrees to settle the lawsuit by giving out deserving candidates some monetary relief.

Anyone who bought Applcecare+ or care for iPhone devices, phones or iPad after 20 July 2012, but before Sep 30, 2021

who is eligible?

And claimed for replacement. And the replaced device was not new but refurbished is eligible.

the claim settlement seems to be automatic and no need to do any extra paperwork to claim it according to the source.

From the 95million dollars, only 65 or 66 million dollars will remain after deducting the fees of the lawyers. so around a 66millions dollars will be distributed among the eligible users.

The administrator department already started sending the emails to the concerned parties, after receiving the mail the users can claim the amount till November 30, 2022.