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Mechanical keyboard explained (Dec 2020)

Hello viewers

Today we talk about keyboards

Keyboards are necessary component to a computer or laptop

But nobody cares much about their keyboards

Do you know keyboards have their own features and qualities you can choose from?

Keyboards are basically of two types

  1. membrane keyboards
  2. mechanical keyboard

so as you already know the simple ones or that we usually use are membrane keyboards but if you have your hands on the old legacy TVs keyboards and you like the typing experience on that one because of its unique tactile feedback, it’s only becoz its different from the usual membrane keyboard and it’s not a membrane one but it’s a Hong lua mechanical keyboard.

The difference you can easily understand b/w membrane and mechanical one is that mechanical ones have tactile clicky sounds when you touch them.

Now if we go deeper we need to understand which mechanical keyboard you should choose

There are a plethora of switches you can choose from in the mechanical keyboard.

What makes the mechanical keyboard clicky is there quality of the switches used in it.

For the rest of the content watch the video thanks.

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